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ENMED ©️ is the brand of EN ECZA DEPOSU A.Ş. with more than twenty years of medical product experience have all kind of personal protective equipment productions. ENMED ©️ brand is with you on glove production. ENMED Glove Factory is established in Ankara, Turkey. It serves with more than 800.000 boxes production capacity to whole world.


In recent years, the glove industry has experienced a trend of consolidating to form a small number of stronger but stronger manufacturing companies. As a result, the industry has achieved a steady growth. Malaysia is the world’s largest producer of rubber gloves, accounting for about 50-55% of the global market share. It is estimated that over 100 billion pairs or 50 billion pairs of gloves are sold annually around the world. Vietnam is also one of the leading countries in the medical glove manufacturing industry, with a significant presence of ENMED GLOVES brand from the manufacturer ENMED. Each year the world glove industry grows 10-12%.
According to analysts, demand for gloves is still high and growth will be solid because there are very few practical and reasonably priced replacement items. Due to increasing human life, a greater understanding of hygiene, the threat of bio-terrorism and strict regulations on health care (such as SARS virus, human flu, epidemic avian influenza H5N1 and more recently pandemic Corona COVID-19), so more and more people are using gloves, leading to increased demand. In the rubber glove industry production popular are two types of latex rubber gloves and nitrile rubber gloves. On the market of rubber gloves today, the two above products are well known to users, but not everyone can know what Latex gloves are, what are Nitrile gloves?

What are medical gloves?

Medical gloves are gloves made of rubber as the main material. Medical gloves have outstanding features such as light weight, toughness but very thin, when wearing medical gloves will not lose the feeling of the hand skin when touching or touching or touching objects. Gloves are extremely widely used in medicine, medical examination and treatment, healthcare to industries such as electronics manufacturing, food processing …

The use of medical gloves:

As noted above, medical gloves are used in the following areas:

  • Use in healthcare, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, beauty care centers, veterinary care, animal and plant quarantine stations.
  • Use in the industry of manufacturing electronic equipment, computers, phones, speakers, radios … to avoid electrical contamination, cause scratches to objects as well as protect hands from the influence of chemicals.
  • Use gloves when processing food, processing agriculture, forestry, seafood, processing consumer goods …
  • Used to ensure hygiene for workers and customers when doing nails, tattooing … to help prevent infection from customers to employees.

Classification of medical gloves

Currently there are many types depending on the needs of use, classification of medical gloves based on the following basic criteria:

Sort by Main Material:

There are 3 common types: latex gloves, nitrile gloves and vinyl gloves

Latex gloves: Latex is a tree resin taken from a natural rubber tree, so Latex is also known as rubber, Latex gloves are formed during processing with temperature and chemicals (allowed to use ). It provides extremely good protection, fits well when we wear gloves and is very supple. This type of rubber is widely used in the manufacture of medical devices, especially in the manufacture of Gloves such as powder-free, powder-free and surgical Latex Gloves.

Nitrile glovesNitrile (Latex Free) is a synthetic rubber, formed exactly the same as Latex but does not contain Latex, so it does not cause allergies in some people who are sensitive to Latex, have good water and oil resistance. ENMED nitrile gloves are widely used in all highly hygienic industries such as testing, dentistry and healthcare as well as in non-medical industries such as industry, food processing. .

Vinyl gloves: Vinyl are transparent white PVC gloves. It does not contain natural rubber, does not contain powder, is a very high clean product suitable in the field of food, pharmaceuticals, electronic components … In the glove does not contain protein, so it is not allergic to human skin when carrying.

Vinyl gloves are designed not too close to the wrist, so when used, they are not confined. The properties of the product are soft, good elasticity, non-slip, good puncture resistance and chemical resistance. However, since these gloves are not as elastic as latex and nitrile, they are not commonly used for medical examination purposes.

Classification according to the function of use

into 2 main categories, which are examination gloves and surgical gloves

Examination Gloves:

Examination gloves are often packaged 50 pairs / box irrespective of left or right hand. Gloves are used to conduct medical examinations, diagnostic procedures, and treatment to protect patients and users from cross-contamination or infection.

Surgical gloves:

Surgical gloves are E.O sterilized and meet strict standards. Each pair of gloves has a separate left and right hand, so usually 2 gloves pack into a separate bag. Gloves are used when operating surgeons to patients, when performing invasive procedures, with special care.

Classification according to glove support measures

– Powdered gloves and powderless gloves.

Powdered gloves

Gloves are coated with cornstarch for easy handling. Due to the nature of the disposable, 1 patient 1 glove, latex gloves often contain powder to make the glove removal process easier.

“Powdered” means the cornstarch contained in the Gloves to make it easier to wear the Gloves. Often used in the medical industry because of its cheaper cost and especially with the ‘one patient – one pair of gloves’ requirement to avoid the spread of disease, replacing powdered gloves is quick. and much easier.

Powder-free gloves

“Powder Free” means Gloves manufactured by process technology that are coated with Polymer or chlorine all over the surface. This powder is to prevent adhesion when wearing Gloves. Commonly used in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, the drive industry, semiconductors and microelectronics, especially in the surgical industry to ensure absolute guarantee for patients with a powder allergy can be heals quickly, without a doubt for surgical gloves in the event of difficult wound healing symptoms (if any)

According to statistics, about 70% of people use Powdered Gloves, because the price of Powdered Gloves is cheaper than Powderless Gloves. However, there is also a common number of people using powderless gloves because of them (about 1%) are allergic to Latex and want to try the powderless latex gloves. Whether Latex, Nitrile or Vinyl, are used more in special environments that are not contaminated with powders, for example in electrical assembly plants, laboratories, criminal investigation rooms … ENMED Nitrile examination gloves are powder-free.